Analytics Features

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Automatic measurement without manual tagging of content
Sessions - Time spent in app
Unique and active users
Frequency of use
Users by country
User retention
App installs and top versions
Device carriers, models and firmware used
Preview pages view
Issue downloads
Issue download model (App Store IPA, App Store Subscription, Login, Sandbox)
Issue download state (Successful, Canceled, Error)
Time spent in magazine
Average time spent per page
Device orientation while reading
Article read
Subpage view
Image Gallery view
Link invocation
Video play
Image Sequence view
Audio played
App Store Issue Purchase
App Store subscription purchase
Overlap visitors with other apps you are tracking
Custom event Funnel
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What can I do with my FREE Account?

You can fully enjoy preparing your digital projects with CoverPage Publisher and publish them into CoverPage Viewer, an App free to download from App Store. It's great for trying all the CoverPage tools. There is no time or number of projects limitation. You can publish your free projects up to 1GB storage on Cloud server. Simply log in with same user name and password and play with your freshly published project for free.

What is SINGLE plan good for?

It's great for creative professionals, small design studios, agencies or education institutions for creating and distributing presentations or single digital projects. It’s the onetime project only, with one publication, bundled and uploaded as a Single app into the Stores. There is no library and the users get straight to your project after tapping the icon on the screen. The best for catalogues, books, annual reports and so on. You can sell your app or distribute it for free.


Do I need to have own Developer account to distribute app?

Apple Developer and Google Play developer account is required for SINGLE App and PREMIUM plan. No wrinkles on your forehead needed. We can assist you with Developer account setup and it also brings benefits worth the time and money. You have full control over your apps, its revenues, Apple statistics and sales trends. You can manage your releases, In-App purchases, promos and so on.