Die Fontäne 2.3

Last update: 19. Sep 2023, 04:59

Available builds


To install app on iOS, open this page on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and tap to install. You can install the app only on devices included in your AdHoc profile.

Install (.ipa)


To install app on Android, open this page from Android device, download the .apk file and install it. Important: In order to install app on Android, you need to allow installation of non-Play Store apps in your device settings.(Settings->Applications for 2.3 and higher, Settings->Security for 4.0 and higher)

Download (.apk)


For OSX Mountain Lion, you need to enable applications downloaded from anywhere. (System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Allow applications download from -> Anywhere)

Download (.dmg)


Download (.exe)

Manually notify your teammates or testers with this link: https://www.coverpageapp.com/ota/562AY
Note:This link does not require authentication.