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13. CoverPage Online Account

You do not have to open the CoverPage Publisher or Coverpage Viewer interface to manage your account and publications. You can easily log into your account in the upper right corner at


12.1 Account overview

After you log in, My Account (an overview) will open. There you can find information about when you bought the licence, till when it is valid and the type of your account. You can also update your account here.


This bookmark also provides you with information about the:

  • Number of your users
  • Number of projects
  • Disk capacity assigned to your account
  • Currently used disk space
  • How many times your projects have been downloaded

12.2 My profile

Give basic information about your account and person, make use of the possibility to subscribe to information within the context of CoverPage and your account, manage users bound to your account. Switch between these three subcategories of properties in the upper bar of the My profile bookmark.


Personal info - modify your personal info and password.

Subscriptions - subscribe to the Coverpage Newsletter and information about your payments and potential statistics.

User accounts - users with whom you collaborate on the projects or who have access to your publications. As owner of the account, you can add a new user by clicking Add new user.


12.3 Users and roles

To add user click on Add new user and provide following information:

  • First and last name
  • Password they will use to log in
  • Email they will enter as username
  • Country
  • Role – the task you are signing them up for:

Admin - has the same authority as you have.

Publisher - can publish, in case of their own project also delete. If the project was published by different publisher, they do not have this option.

Viewer- they can only view the projects. They cannot delete, nor publish them.

After checking the box on the bottom and saving your settings, the user will receive an automatic notification sent to the email you entered earlier saying he was added to your account.

Viewer has also another function at CoverPage platform. You can manage your publications and its availability for only specific users if you wish. This special feature is mostly used for sharing projects for approval from your clients for example or sharing presentation with dedicated people only.

Your added users have their own logins and passwords you create for them. You can easily manage which publication published under your account will be visible for specific user - Viewer in publication management .

How to manage Viewers with publication read in 12.5 Publications.

You as the owner and all other administrators can add or delete users and edit their settings.

12.4 Purchases

Exact information about your current account, its validity and how much you have spent on it in one year is shown. Under History on the top of the page, you will find a list of all the transactions between you and MONOGRAM Interactive.


12.5 Publications

A list of all your projects in chronological order according to the date they were first published. Here you can manage your projects. The publish date shows the current date on which you are working on your project. It does not have to be consistent with the Release date.

The first page - the cover - of your project is shown on the left. The name of the project, the name of the user who published it, the date and time of the publishing and the number of project downloads are on the right along with the size of the project.

Here you can make use of the Sandbox mode. If the project is still in Sandbox mode, you can easily publish it using just one click. After you click it, it becomes public.

By using the Hide and Unhide buttons, you can completely hide the project, so that not even users that have subscribed to your account in the Sandbox mode can view it. Should there be a mistake, you can republish the project using Coverpage Publisher and after you unhide it, it will be updated.

Button Viewer is used specially for CoverPage Viewer App where you can see your publications only after logging in with user name and password. As you can manage your Viewers in your profile you can simply dedicate each publication published under your account to very different users.


  • Log into your account
  • Open Publications
  • See the project you wish to share with some of your Viewers
  • Choose Viewer button
  • Choose the viewer in the pop-up window
  • Save

This project will be available for dedicated users - Viewers as well, under their own login.

It is also possible to remove the project from the server; all data connected to the project will be removed as well. To get the project back on the server, you have to publish it again. The project folder will not be deleted from your computer. Only the database record will be deleted; the project will not be available for download.

Whether the project is Published or Hidden can be seen in the upper right corner next to each project.

Viewers management

12.6 My devices

Add or delete devices you wish to have paired with your account and which will thus be able to use the Sandbox mode.


12.7 Sandbox mode – Premium Account

View and revise projects on your tablet before publishing them. It is required that each and every tablet that will be used to view the projects in Sandbox mode is added to this list of devices under your account. Their number is limited.

You will have to provide the device identifier, which is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that can be found within the application. Open the application, see info in the right upper corner under the „i“ icon, tap on it. The Identifier is on the very bottom of the info window. Tap on the identifier and hold it for few seconds. It will be saved to the clipboard. Just send it to yourself via e-mail to have it at hand. If your Sandbox mode doesn't work correctly or you cannot find the device Identifier, contact us.

Add devices to your own account via

  • Log into your account
  • Open My Devices
  • Choose Add new device
  • Give the Name of the device user you want to add, Identifier and choose the Product (device type)
  • Save

To get your project into Sandbox mode, do the following.
In the last step of the publishing process, check the Sandbox mode box in the document settings and publish.

The project will appear only on those devices that have been added to the list of devices under your account. The user can view the full project depending on the publish rights.

There are two ways to publish the project:

  • Return to the project via Coverpage Publisher
  • Check the Sandbox mode box again


  • The project is available for the public
  • Log into your account via
  • Open the Publications bookmark
  • Uncheck the Sandbox mode box
  • After it is published, the project will be available for the public
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