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In the past years, digital publishing has become more and more sought after. We believe that you are about to experience a unique publication tool for your digital publications, projects, or presentations. The simplicity and usability of our publishing environment is an advantage and we believe you will appreciate it during your day-to-day work.

The CoverPage Digital Publishing Tools consist of four parts you will be using during your work.

  1. CoverPage InDesign Export Plug-in
  2. CoverPage Publisher to prep your digital publication
  3. CoverPage Viewer iPad Application to view your projects
  4. The CoverPage web page where you can access your account, settings, and user management operations

When using CoverPage, there are three methods of content creation.

1. Using InDesign

The Layout and graphics are designed directly in Adobe InDesign, from which the plug-in module Exporter Plug-in will simply convert your project into the CoverPage Publisher.

2. Using PDF

Export any document into PDF format and then use CoverPage Tools to import the complete document into the Publisher.

3. Using Image Pages

You can easily insert image pages (JPEG and PNG) into every CoverPage project.


Furthermore, you can add multimedia and interactive content, make use of the external environment of content creation (HTML) and make your project available for tablets.

Your project will appear in your own library application or the CoverPage Viewer library application on your tablet.

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